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Welcome to our web site!

The mission of OLTV is to provide a new technological method so that ...

  • Eastern Christians in America can reinforce their religious traditions, and educate themselves and their families.
  • Newly arrived Eastern Christian immigrants can maintain contact with their homeland.
  • Western Christians (Roman Catholics and Protestants) will become more aware of the Eastern Churches.

The programs you will find on this website include Orientale Lumen Conference Plenary sessions and liturgical celebrations, Lectures on various theological topics, audio and video versions of books available from Eastern Christian Publications, and Special Events that have occurred throughout the Eastern Churches and around the world. 

If you wish to use any of these programs for adult education in your parish or for private viewing at home, you may wish to purchase the DVD version.  You may also wish to purchase a CD audio recording for listening in your home or car.  

The BUY NOW button will link you to the online catalog where these items can be purchased from a secure website.

If you have not yet registered, please do, so that we may keep you informed about new programs on OLTV.  And please consider making a tax-deductible donation to help support the operation, maintenance and new program costs of OLTV.  Thank you!

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