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Below is shortcut list of the video programs available on OLTV.  Pick one to view.

OLTV Intro

OL Liturgies Intro

Tenth Anniversary


OL III Plenary 1 Soro

OL III Plenary 4 Taft

OL III Plenary 6 Cross

OL IV Plenary 1 Taft

OL IV Plenary 2 Kallistos

OL IV Plenary 3 FitzGerald

OL IV Plenary 5 Faris

OL IV Plenary 6 Soro

OL VIII Plenary 6 Kallistos


OL EE1 Opening Session

OL EE1 Keynote Bartholomew

OL EE1 Plenary 1 Gregorios

OL EE1 Plenary 2 Kallistos

OL EE1 Plenary 3 Taft

OL EE1 Plenary 4 Collins

OL EE1 Plenary 5 Vsevolod

OL EE1 Plenary 6 Emmanuel

OL EE2 Opening/Closing

OL EE2 Plenary 1 Kallistos


OL XI Opening Kallistos

OL XI Plenary 4 East Chirovsky

OL XI Plenary 4 West Gerasimos

OL XI Plenary 6 Schneider


OL III Orthodox Liturgy

OL V Orthodox Liturgy

OL V Assyrian Holy Qurbana

OL IX Maronite Liturgy

OL EE1 Catholic Liturgy

OL EE1 Orthodox Liturgy

OL III Moleben Holy Spirit

OL V Coptic Orthodox Vespers

OL VI Melkite Vespers

OL V Akathist Mother of God

OL III Paraklesis


Mystical Theology Lectures Kallistos

History Liturgy Lectures Taft

Spirituality Liturgy Lectures Taft

Theology Liturgy Lectures Taft

Light Life Lectures Eucharist Anderson

Light Life Lectures Baptism Anderson

Evangelization Lectures Loya

Involuntary Sin (Future)


Prostopinije Conference 2006

Papal Visit to Constantinople 2007

Romzha Anniversary 2007 (Future)

Paschal Pilgrimage 2008 (Future)

Uzhorod Seminary Concert Tour

Christmas Pilgrimage 2009

Weekend at Monastery 2009 (Future)

Other Events