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The following are the Audio/Video Books from which you may choose:


Part 1 - Introduction and Historical Outlines (full program)
Part 2 - The Byzantine Theological View (sample)
Part 3 - The Sacramental Mysteries (sample)
Part 4 - Tradition in Life (sample)
Part 5 - Eastern Christian Churches Today & Conclusion (sample)

Part 1 - Spirit and Fire, and The Mystery of the Church (full program)
Part 2 - Sacramental Theology; Baptism - To Put On Christ (sample)
Part 3 - Chrismation - Seal of the Holy Spirit; Eucharist - Fire in the Cup (sample)
Part 4 - Reconciliation - The Father's Loving Embrace; Anointing of the Sick - The Oil of Faith (sample)
Part 5 - Marriage - The Crowning of Creation; Holy Orders - An Icon of Christ (sample)
Part 6 - Epilogue


Reflections 9 & 10 (full program)

Come, Follow Me: A Byzantine Christian Approach to Evangelization and Disciple-Making
Father Justin Rose