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Patriarch Gregorios III, Patron of OLTV


  • OLTV will mostly serve the Byzantine Tradition (Melkite, Ukrainian, Ruthenian, Romanian, Italo-Greek, etc.), but also be open to other rites and traditions of the Oriental and/or Latin Church.
  • OLTV will help Christians who have emigrated to remain in contact with their home traditions, liturgies, prayers, folklores, family and social environment.
  • OLTV will bring all emigrated faithful together in a brotherly, deep open link, worldwide, with their mother Church and with each other.
  • OLTV will be a continuation of the pan-Byzantine and ecumenical initiatives of the Orientale Lumen conferences and Eastern Churches Journal.
  • OLTV will be a privately sponsored initiative, under the direct patronage of His Beatitude Patriarch Gregorios III with an American Episcopal advisory board.
  • OLTV will be open and available to all who support its goals and objectives.
  • OLTV will be a service for the entire Christian Church, and especially the traditions of the Eastern Churches.
  • OLTV will be a memorial of love and deep recognition of the late Pope John Paul II who wrote the 1995 Apostolic Letter Orientale Lumen, revealing the contents of this letter in a modern context.

    Jack Figel, Executive Producer