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The following are the types of liturgical services from the Orientale Lumen Conferences to choose from:


OL II - Byzantine Divine Liturgy
OL II - Roman Mass
OL III - Orthodox Divine Liturgy
OL V - Orthodox Divine Liturgy
OL V - Assyrian Church Holy Qurbana
OL IX - Maronite Divine Liturgy
OL XIII - Orthodox Pontifical Divine Liturgy 

OL EuroEast I - Catholic Divine Liturgy (Arabic/Greek/English)
OL EuroEast I - Orthodox Divine Liturgy (Church Slavonic)
OL III - Moleben to the Holy Spirit
OL XII North - Moleben to the Holy Spirit

OL V - Coptic Orthodox Vespers
OL VI - Melkite Greek Catholic Vespers
OL XII North - Russian Vespers
OL XII North - Ruthenian Vespers 

OL V - Akathist to the Mother of God
OL XII North - Akathist to the Holy Trinity

OL III - Paraklesis